Gastric Band Hypnosis in ONE simple session

Gastric Band Hypnosis


I had been inundated with people who wanted to use Hypnosis when it was discovered that the boxer Steve Collins who fought and beat Chris Eubanks had used Hypnosis for sports motivation as if it were something completely new. In 1996 Steve Collins beat Chris Eubank for the World Boxing Organisations Super-middleweight title. Collins was programmed to deliver two punches to Eubank’s one. In the fight Eubank threw 300 punches, Collins threw over 600!

On another occasion it was proven that Hypnosis could also increase a woman’s bust size simply by regressing the person back to their younger years of puberty and doing some visualisation techniques with them, and again it was sensationalised in the newspapers (and NO I am not doing that one).

Hypnosis Gastric Band Prices 1 euro

The latest one now is the  Hypnotic Gastric Band . Basically the person is placed under Hypnosis and a visualisation technique is used to “convince” the subconscious mind the person has had a  Hypnotic gastric band The theory behind it is that it “tricks the mind into believing the body doesn’t need to have as much food to feel full up, consequently they would lose weight by changing their eating patterns.

However, because of the recent media hype about the Gastric band Hypnosis I have been inundated with clients asking  me to make a Fast Track Gastric Band version of this as well, as they feel that they would like to try it, but without the huge expense that goes with it for multiple sessions and that’s exactly what I have done.

So instead of going for a series of sessions (and a lot of expense) the Fast Track Hypnosis Gastroband is STILL completed on the ONE session. Although it is one session it comes with all the extras put into the session as well i.e.
Fast Track Hypnosis + Laser Therapy + Gastric Band Hypnosis  + support CD + plus Guarantee !

In the unlikely event of a client experiencing any difficulties within one month of the Hypnosis Lose Weight or Gastroband  Gastric Band Hypnosis session and they require a booster session,  this second session is completely free of charge.

This is an alternative to the hugely successful Fast track Hypnosis to Lose Weight and Laser Therapy session, so the Client can choose whichever one they would like to do.

Will the Fast Track Gastroband work for everyone?

In actual fact NO! Simply because of something else – PHOBIAS!

There are lots of people out there who have various phobias, which would prevent them using this technique, as it would be too distressing for them, such as the following:
Doctors……………Iatrophobia     Injections…………..Trypanophobia

Operations………..Tomophobia  Surgical operations………Ergasiophobia

The list is endless!

The person would have to come for 3 or 4 sessions to deal with the phobia and then do the Fast Track Hypnosis Gastroband session, whenever the Fast Track Lose Weight by Hypnosis version would do just the same in the first place!

So there you have it, you now have the option to choose
which Fast Track Hypnosis for Weight Loss session suits you the best.

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