Phobias – R


Rabies Lyssophobia
Radiation Radiophobia
Railways Siderodromophobia
Rain Ombrophobia
Rained on Pluviophobia
Rape Virginitiphobia
Razors Xyrophobia
Rectum Proctophobia
Red lights Erytophobia
Relatives Syngenesophobia
Religion Theophobia
Religious ceremonies Teleophobia
Reptiles Herpetophobia
Responsibility Hypegiaphobia
Returning home Nostophobia
Ridicule Katagelophobia
Riding in a car Amaxophobia
Right side of the body (objects at) Dextrophobia
Rivers Potamophobia
Road travel Hodophobia
Robbers Harpaxophobia
Rooms Koinoniphobia
Ruin Atephobia
Russia or things Russian Russophobia
Rust Iophobia

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