Phobias – S


Sacred things Hierophobia
Saints Hagiophobia
Satan Satanophobia
Scabies Scabiophobia
School Scholionophobia
School going to Didaskaleinophobia
Scratches Amychophobia
Sea Thalassophobia
Sea swell Cymophobia
Sermons Homilophobia
Sex Genophobia
Sexual abuse Agraphobia or Contreltophobia
Sexual intercourse Coitophobia or Cypridophobia
Sexual perversion Paraphobia
Sexual Questions Erotophobia
Shadows Sciophobia
Sharp objects Belonophobia
Shellfish Ostraconophobia
Shock Hermephobia
Sinning Peccatophobia
Sinning (unpardonable) Enosiophobia
Sinning (imaginary crime) Peccatophobia
Sitting Cathisophobia
Sitting idle Thassophobia
Skin Dermatophobia
Skin disease Dermatosiophobia
Skin lesions Dermatophobia
Skin of animals Dorophobia
Sleep Hypnophobia or Somnophobia
Slime Blennophobia
Small things Microphobia
Smell Olfactophobia
Smothering Pnigerophobia
Snakes Ophidiophobia
Snow Chionophobia
Social situations Social Phobia
Society Anthropophobia
Solitude Monophobia
Sound Acousticophobia
Sourness Acerophobia
Speaking Lalophobia
Speaking aloud Phonophobia
Speaking in public Glossophobia
Speech Lalophobia
Speed Tachophobia
Spiders Aracnophobia
Spirits Demonophobia
Stairs Climacophobia
Stage fright Topophobia
Standing upright Stasiphobia
Stared at Scopophobia
Stars Siderophobia or Astrophobia
Staying single Anuptaphobia
Stealing Cleptophobia
Step father Vitricophobia
Step mother Novercaphobia
Stings Cnidophobia
Stooping Kyphophobia
Stories Mythophobia
Strangers Xenophobia
Streets (crossing them) Agyrophobia
String Linonophobia
Stuttering Psellismophobia
Suffering Panthophobia
Sun Heliophobia
Surgical operations Ergasiophobia
Swallowing Phagophobia
Symbolism Symbolophobia
Symmetry Symmetrophobia
Syphilis Syphilophobia

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